Something looks different


The home page looks like it’s changed a little. Is the font smaller or something? Can’t put my finger on it, but it looks like it’s not the same from even this morning.

Edit: I’m looking on the computer, not mobile.


The forums or subforums are listed underneath the post titles. Not sure what else has changed.


Yeah. It’s different for me too.



layout and spacing is all different


Yeah, that’s what it was. Made it have more white space so I thought the font sized changed.

Looks tidier, IMO.


I forgot how bright looking it was. I’ve been using a Chrome extension called “Dark Reader.” Much easier on the eyes!


Holy moley guacamole Terre Hautey Indiana!!

Who had the shit job of going through with the Exacto knife cutting all the serifs off the font?

Definitely a job you have to be high to do


I’m having trouble quoting things on mobile now. Don’t know if it’s my phone or what, but I have to restart the safari app to be able to highlight things.


Just tested on my Samsung. Maybe it’s an Apple issue. Did you try restarting your phone 3 times?

Edit: However, it didn’t work on mine either. When I hit the Save Edit button, it automatically removed the quoted portion and shows my comment as “edited.”

Edit 2: And it didn’t give me the 5 minute window to edit a comment before it’s labeled as “edited.”


I think Goose Egg is making some changes. For a while this afternoon there was a message at the top of the page saying something like “this site is in read-only mode at this time” and would brook no changes (likes, replies, etc.)

It’s still a little laggy but things seem to be setting down (and obviously it’s now out of read-only mode).


There’s definitely something going on.
For a few minutes, all the forum had a white background in my mobile…


I don’t like it!


The notifications (in mobile) at the top right corner is also taking more space.
Perhaps due to this new font.
It was better before, methinks

In time: On the other hand, the forum seems to be updating much faster now, and automatically. No need to refresh the page to get the updates.
Forget about this. It still doesn’t list automatically.


As far as the changes in the Latest page, this is something Discourse has been planning for a while

We updated today so a bit of a flux stage there, but all seems normal now


How about the notifications field?
Before, it was a small window that stayed in the top right corner. Now, it comes from the right side, taking the whole page.


Mobile or desktop?


Hard to put my finger on it, but the main page just looks a lot more ugly.




I see what you mean, I guess that’s part of the latest update as well.


So, if I understood correctly, the Forumosa admins have no control on the recent changes, right?
I mean, either take the whole update package (including first page layout, new font, new notification plane, and who knows whatever else) or don’t take nothing. There’s no selection of features, correct?