Something looks different


The fucking fonts are goin mental, man


Bigger on iPad. I thought I accidentally hit magnifier or something.


Things do look like they’ve changed. Font or something. I’ve viewing on a laptop using Safari.


Some of the fonts are bigger.

The list of topics you get by sorting by Latest - that list is in a larger-size font.

The text in individual posts is the same, I think. But the system icons below the text in every post, the link, flag, change, show more, and Reply icons themselves seem larger.


The font is hacked, FORUMOSA has been hacked!


Man, this display is dorked.
I feel like I’m on some Usenet board in 1992 arguing about William fucking Gibson…


The font is larger on my devices as well.


Phone still the same.


It’s the 50¢ Army! RUNNNNNN!


Yeah, bigger.


I saw that!

Very briefly there was a header saying something like “this site is in read only mode. New posts and replies will not be recorded at this time.”

Busted - but at least it was brief.


Me three.


I like the larger font on my iPad. Not so much need to zoom which isn’t doable anyway.