Sometimes I Hate the People I Work With (Weiyas)

Last year I skipped the firm dinner. So, because I was absent last year, I thought that I should attend this year. WHAT A BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!!!

At our firm dinner at the end of the month, we all have to participate in some kind of “performance.” My group is going to play the song “I Just Called to Say I Love You” on a bunch of different types of drums with one person on keyboard. This despite the fact that none of us has an ounce of musical talent. We have to practice this stupid song after work at 5 different times, each practice lasting about 2 hours. They even hired a music teacher to teach us how to play this stupid song. Now, they just sent me an email with different cat woman type masks that we have to choose from to wear when we perform. And, these people are adults!! They can’t just have dinner with each other, chat and go home. No, they have to be “entertained” in the most infantile way or they pout b/c it’s all so “wu liao.” Well, if they weren’t such boring twits themselves, perhaps they could enjoy each other’s company without such kindergarten type theatrics. I go to work to make money. I don’t want friends, I don’t want to be entertained, all I want is to exchange my labor for money and go home. If I was rich and did not need to work, my office is the last place that I would be. Don’t hire a music teacher, don’t rent drums, don

Ah, don’t worry folks… nothing here, nothing to see… just a slight cultural indigestion, hiccup.

It’ll pass soon.


[quote=“Yellow Cartman”]Ah, don’t worry folks… nothing here, nothing to see… just a slight cultural indigestion, hiccup.

It’ll pass soon.


Ok, have a good laugh!! Yea, I’m sure that I’ll look quite stunning in my cat woman mask sitting behind a set of electric drums beating away to a sappy love song!! Now, they want me to wear a pink shirt with ruffles!! What’s next, a leisure suit?!! Platform sandals?!! :astonished: :fume:


He he he he he he he he he …



He he he…

That will give me something to smile about on the taxi journey to work on this otherwise dull and rainy day.

Thanks smerf.

He he he he he…

Bwah… bwahaha… BWAHAHAHAHA!

Will you be selling tickets? Actually, on second thoughts, I think I’d rather give it a miss as well. It reminds me of the Dilbert comic where if the team does well, as a reward they get NOT to go bowling together. Or something like that.

Poor smerf :slight_smile:

Last year my company showed a video of me trying to sing along to a Chinese song. Just a closeup of my face. I looked like a brain dead moron. It got a lot of laughs though.


That sucks! We do silly things at our dinner too, but all on a voluntary basis. This year some of the younger women will be performing a Latin-type dance… I’m kind of looking forward to seeing that :slight_smile:

Mostly we just drink lots of Scotch.

So, when and where is your dinner?

A big part of a copmpany’s wei-ya seems to be men dressing up as women, with coconut boobs and the like. Oddly, the cross-dressing does not usually extend to women. I don’t quite know what this all means, but I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with that one…


At my former workplace (in Malaysia) with a big international company any kind of performance was at least voluntarily, i.e. some people would get together, plan, practice and perform. No requirement or forcing “from above” - else I would have refused and if necessary cancel my attendance. In fact I was good at “missing” team-building seminars and other boring events (if you can call it such) …

Just say no Smerf. Just say no. That’s what I do every year. Except for the year when I won a DVD player in their stupid raffle. Then I said “Ta verra much, but I still 'aint going to dress up as an idiot and shine for you.”

Smerf, tell them you’ll do the videotaping, therefore no way you can perform. You’re “working” :smiley:


Oh you poor thing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :laughing:

Videotape it!

I got a $100 US bucks for anyone who can get those photos of smerf in the cat mask… :bravo: :bravo: (I hope you shake your thang too) :laughing:

…Now, they want me to wear a pink shirt with ruffles!!..[/quote]

Ahhh…haha! Reminds me of Seinfeld and his puffy shirt! :laughing:

“My whole life was ruined because of the puffy shirt.”

  • George, in “The Puffy Shirt”

So sorry to hear about your predicament Smerf. :cry: :liar:

Ine year in the financial sweatshop, I and 3 of my male colleagues was forced to perform.

We did ABBAs “Dancing Queen”. I was the blonde girl. It was videoed by my senior officer… My Sarong split in the front and revealed 2 baloons strapped to my chest with tape (ouch), and my boxer shorts.

The other “felame” and I collided on stege due to poorly coordinated dance steps.

We made a baloon-tit rubbing routing on the guy videoing us.

When the music stopped - the audience - my 140 coworkers - should guess who we were.

It became worse…

When the fun was over, I jumped out on the bathroom and got back into the black pinstripe. When I came out, and looked for a seat, I ended up at the chairman’s table - he had our biggest customer sitting next to him. He introduced me with:

“This young woman is the bright young technical analyst I told you about”.

I was not wearing the wig anymore, but still sported the mascara, lipstick, and all the other woman stuff, including the pink nail polish.

the morning after down in Yangmei, my ex asked me why I was wearing pink nail polish.

My reply:

“company business”.

Smerf, we expect you to do the right thing and post photos. 'nuff said.

I’m lucky in that our CEO will get shitfaced and then entertain all the staff with his buffoonery, so none is required on our part. It is after all supposed to be the one day of the year when the tables are turned…

So, when and where is your dinner?[/quote]

Yea, like I’m going to fall for that one. :wink:

The time and location is top secret!!

The worst thing is that they are so sneaky about it. Last year, at the wei ya, which I did not attend, they rented a karaoke machine and people sang. So, after some pleading, I agreed to go this year after being told that they would simply rent a karaoke machine again. I thought that maybe I’d have to get up and sing one song to shut them up (b/c after they hear me sing, they won’t ever ask me again).

Later I was told that they wanted to play a game at the wei ya. Then the game became a “performance.” Now the performance is a big competition between the silly office xiaojies who have no work to do (I swear that there are 3 gals in my office whose collective job responsibility is to make sure that the bien dangs are delivered on time). We have 5 practices (after work) where the music teacher stands over me and scolds me each time I miss a beat (HEY ASSHOLE!! I’M A LAWYER - NOT THE DRUMMER IN U2!!!).

I’m hoping for the flu.

I’m hoping for the flu.[/quote]

Visa run? :smiling_imp: :slight_smile:

I’m hoping for the flu.[/quote]

then you’ll have to sing while wearing one of those masks.

I was mightily relieved when the government department in which I work announced that “Owing to the South Asian tsunami disaster, our year-end dinner will be replaced by a tea party and all entertainments will be cancelled.”

So at least one good thing has come out of that terrible catastrophe.