Soneone in Taipei to build me a Linux based HTPC

Does anyone here know someone that can help me to build a Linux Based HTPC (Home Theater PC)?

I started building an HTPC with WinXP and I gave up. It is incredibly unstable. Maybe mostly because I suspect the Compro Videomate TV Ultra card conflicted with the Matrox P650 graphic card. I suspect this because the service engineer at COMPRO told me they have problems with the Matrox cards since they haven’t worked on compatibility with these cards yet. Whatever, this was just what I needed to get me to finally switch to LINUX, at least for my HTPC box.

Can I do the following with Linux:

  1. PVR with some sort of compression
  2. DVI Output to my Projector
  3. DVI Output to my Plasma
  4. MP3 Server
  5. Play DIVX Movies that I have downloaded
  6. Play just about any DVD I put in there whether it is a copy of my original or some other regions disc
  7. Be a photo server
  8. Have saved location Internet Radio Stations accessible from a main menu
  9. Have an excellent main menu
  10. Be able to surf the web
  11. Remote controllable with my MX-700 Theater Master learning Macro capable IR remote.
  12. Record DVD movies to HDD on the fly as I watch them, then save for burning onto a DVD with my built-in DVD burner.

I would like to pay someone to setup my system with all of the software (I will pay for the software) I need and retool any components (I will buy the components) that do not work with Linux.

I would do it myself as I have built many Windows based PCs from scratch, but lately I don’t have the time and this seems a hell of a lot cheaper to do this than buying Pioneer DVD recorder with 160gb HDD which is really the most important feature for me, PVR, plus it will have a lot more functions and since it is Linux based isn’t it guaranteed to be 99% more stable than a Microsoft based HTPC server?

Have you looked here?

I do not want to invest anymore time into this. I want instead to invest money. I know there are many places to find help in building a Linux based PC or HTPC, however, I am looking for someone here in Taiwan to build it for me.

Thanks for the link however, it was interesting.

I usually recommend non-technical users to use Sagetv that runs on windows. For linux, you might want to try Mythtv ( for sagetv and beyondtv.

I have a Windows-based HTPC running ShowShifter. It is pretty stable, but they don’t come out with updates very often. That might be why it is stable though. I use it to record shows in the US to download and watch here.

[quote=“markshih”]I usually recommend non-technical users to use Sagetv that runs on windows. For linux, you might want to try Mythtv ( for sagetv and beyondtv.[/quote] Why would you recommend non-technical users to use the Windows based Sage TV? Is it because MythTV is completely unstable and requires a lot of tweaking?

Linux support for new hardware is slow. Mythtv uses IVTV and those drivers support only a limited number of capture cards. One of the ones it supports is hauppauge pvr-250 and pvr-350 cards. The IVTV driver is being update by one person that is working on the newer pvr-250 cards so the software relese for it takes a bit to do. Mythtv is updated when the open source community feels there is a reason to update it or add new things to it. They just added a internet phone software in the latest version. Working on Mythtv requires technical knowledge of the software involved and how to install it on linux (apt-get, yum, rpms, srpms). I got rid of my Tivo (had it for 6 years) when I built my Mythtv box last May. Sagetv runs on windows and supports the newer pvr-250 cards. Sagetv just requires less time and knowledge to build than Mythtv is. Personally I like the freedom of open source so I use Mythtv. The time I spent tinkering with it is just good learning experience.