Song for a kids show

Its the elementary school performance assembly at the end of the month. Dragonfly class need to perform a song, with a dance and some props.
Any sensible ideas would be gratefully appreciated.



How about The Monster Mash?

you can dress them as crap 50’s type B movie monsters… dance a bit and the lyrics are piss easy to learn.

its all I can think of… off hand

Roger that good buddy.
Love the smokey icon!

Will give monster mash a bash!

You da man. No ideas about todays quote then?

cheers about the avatar!

you’ve stumped me today… but didn’t twonavels get it?

to keep this on topic… A friend of mine did The Monster Mash in Korea and the kids loved it… He joined in too… dressed as a mad scientist/doctor but thats optional :wink: