Song in Mandarin with "Spinning Wheel" sample/back

Hello, Does anyone know the artist or the title of the song that has Mandarin lyrics with “Spinning Wheel” as a sample?

“Spinning Wheel” is a song from Blood, Sweat, and Tears. I think it first came out in the 70s. It starts with a horn then goes into a funky bass line (forgive me, I am not a musician and I am just trying to describe the song the best that I can).

I have heard this song in 7-11 and on the UFO radio station. I am now trying to tell a Taiwanese friend about this song, but without an artist name, or a title in Mandarin, I am not succeeding.

The Mandarin in the cover is kind of rapped out, and I can’t tell if it is a cover or a remake or whatever. Anyway, thanks for the help.