Sony Ericson model T-630?instruction manual?

I bought a used cell phone in the Philippines for super cheap and it’s like new with original casing, camera, web features etc.etc.
I went to local shops here to try to find the instruction manual but they only have the Chinese version. Some functions(many) I’m not able to use and the settings on the phone are also abundant but confusing.
Does anyone have that phone? How would I go about getting the manual for it. Do you have it? I’m willing to pay you to send me the manual by mail and I’ll send it back with a present after I read it and make copies of part of it.
So far, I wish I had spent more for a new phone with proper instructions. My phone is great but I don’t know how to use it. :help:
Thanks in advance.


try this … &pid=10117

I’ve been price shopping for that very same phone, checked Carrefour, PcHome and FNAC, cheapest I have seen so far is $6300NT…U think its worth it? I may go with the K500I which is about the same ($6800NT) as it can take movie clips

[quote=“pjdrib”]try this … &pid=10117[/quote]

It’s all there. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

6300 is a good price I think for a new one with warranty. I paid a little over half of that but no book(until today),no warranty and older battery I’d assume as it was second hand.
The phone is great. It can do a lot more than what I need. I like having my cat’s pictures as background and screen saver. It’s handy also to take quick pictures in the event of a motor vehicule accident in Taiwan.