Sony PSP info and upgrades

Any idea when the new Sony hand-held gaming device will be available in Taiwan and for how much it will sell?

It’s scheduled to come out in Japan sometime this month, and in the US around March 2005. So somewhere between there. I think it will retail in US for $199 ($6600NT). But look at the Nintendo DS, its out in US and Japan, but good luck finding it here.

The first 200k units went on sale on Sunday in Japan only and immediately sold out. Sony usually releases in the US second, and then rolls out to other regions. If demand stays high, they will probably hold back on pushing out to other markets right away.

Talking about the DS earlier, check out this demo I found to show off its power. Try watching it and not saying “aww…”

Thanks to Fluffy M, I’ve been pointed to the knowledge that the upgrade for the PSP is out. I downloaded and installed the file yesterday. This is a MAJOR upgrade, but so far the best thing seems to be the Internet browser. Now I need to figure out how to go on-line from a hotspot. :sunglasses:

This is the page I used to upgrade my Japanese model PSP: … .id=708744