Soong Mei-ling vs. Annette Lu--who's better?

Well, which one gets your vote?

  • Soong Mei-ling ("Madame Chiang")
  • Annette Lu
  • Admire both
  • Admire neither

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Ever notice that the newspapers seem to think Soong the last word in feminine grace, while reviling their very own vice president Annette Lu? Think about what this means.

Soong basically shagged her way to the top, bagged herself a dictator, and spent her life conforming to the model of what well-to-do ladies were supposed to do. Meanwhile, the ever-outspoken Lu made genuine sacrifices for the sake of human rights and political rights as a prisoner of Soong’s husband’s regime. Now which one of these is the better role model?

Interestingly, if not for Soong, Taiwan might have remained Japanese. This would have been a good thing for the ethnic Taiwanese who would have received Japanese citizenship, competent government, and greater wealth; but a bad thing for the “mainlanders” who would have had to go back to “mainland” China, and their original wives.

Soong is now in very hot place - I am with Lawrence Eyton in that one.

Anette Lu? A good dissident and county magistrate down here, but not a good VP.

That’s exactly what I always say about Lu. If she’d known her proper place and kept to it, she’d be wholly admirable. Unfortunately, one can do very little but shake one’s head at what she’s become and how she’s performed as VP. The sooner she’s bundled off that stage and put out to grass, the better.

I’m not pro-idependence, but I respect Liu a lot more than Song Meiling. At least Liu earned her achievements. After Song kicked the bucket, we of course hear her 1943 speech to the U.S. congress over and over again. Every time I hear it, I just think: “what a bunch of stupid chumps.” The sound of her voice makes me sick. I don’t know what makes me angrier: how easily she cheated the U.S. or the fact that she never experienced any hardship and died in her bed at age 106.

Nothing much to admire here:
-one is the wife of one dictator and the stepmother of another one, and probably pocketed lots of money from the poor country that China was
-the other - for those who know more about her than what the Taipei Times writes - is a big mouth with an ego the size of Taipei 101. I still think choosing her as running mate was the worst mistake of Chen Shui-bian’s life.

Enzo, the feminists would remind us that a lot of people (especially politicians) have big mouths and/or egos, we just tend to notice these things more on women.

But I agree that Lu’s a big political liability for Chen.

Who cares what the feminists think. Which one would you rather do? Annette or Mei-Ling in her youthful prime?

Personally I’d go Jiang Qing, Mao’s tai-tai and leader of the Gang of Four. Ever seen pics of her from her Shanghai movie actress days? Xi-AO!-ji-E!

When Miss Lu lost the election in Taoyuan she screamed, “You people had no right not to vote for me.”

She was incensed that she was not being given what she considered her proper due. Very democratic. Very admirable.

My contempt for her though was already sealed earlier when, as county mayor, she allowed an incinerator to be zoned across the street from an elementary school.

Nothing she has done in the past four years as VP has given me any reason to reverse my earlier opinion.

Yes, I agree Lu’s approach to governement is very “local” in feel, even when she is doing diplomacy. Her alliances are nausiatingly “touchy feely.” This works well with kindergartens and at county fairs, but for regional stability talks? Ugh.
I still gave her my vote over Soong.

If there is a hell, than hopefully Chiang Kai Shek and his wife are there burning in it or hopefully worse. I find no qualities even remotely redeeming about those two.

Anette Lu however is nothing short of surefire assissination insurance. Who in their right mind would knock off A-Bian if the replacement was Anette Lu?

I wouldn’t vote for either of them.


Annette Lu… well, a good revolutionary doesn’t necessarily translate into a good or even a mediocre administrator. That goes for A-Bien as well.

I’m not sure that everyone would’ve gotten Japanese citizenship if Taiwan stayed a Japanese Colony after WWII. The Japanese are very, very nationalistic and ethnically conscious, especially the conservative ones. Some still think WWII was good for Asia because by colonizing the region the conservative Japanese think they are “civilizing” the region.

What Soong did was to charm the US into helping the KMT regain Taiwan after WWII, and give the KMT government economic and military aid after it had retreated to Taiwan. If it weren’t for that, Taiwan would not be here today, along with the rest of us, including Annette Lu.

… And if it wasn’t for soong and her gang, China would not have become communist. These ppl fucked up big time - one of the worst example of cruelty and incompetence in history.

Soong Meiling is hopefully roasting in hell now.

Well, I’m not so sure that even if CKS and Soong didn’t exist, China would not have become a communist state. The communist movement was already in the swing by the time CKS inherited KMT from SYS. There were many warlords besides CKS out for themselves during that time; the KMT essentially only had around 5 provinces under full control. One thing is for sure: it was a chaotic time.

If Soong didn’t convince US to help as much as they did, perhaps Japan would’ve taken over entire China, and who knows what would’ve happened, for good or for bad.