Soros and Bush

I’m glad Salon ran this article. It just shows that under the country club facade, there is a virulent form of anti-Semitism that is prevelent is some corners of the GOP. Since Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” in 1968, the party has placed the race card again and again for its own advantage. Now its attacking this great financier and philanthropist.

By the way, my former professor wrote this in the Guardian this week. Very insightful indeed.

Consider this. A US president from Texas, less than a year in office, relatively inexperienced in foreign affairs but surrounded by a strong and tested group of advisers, has been given the OK from Congress to take any action necessary in order to retaliate against a recent attack on American targets. The Texan does, the retaliation gradually escalates, but the enemy - lacking the technological know-how and military might of the US - hides in tunnels and caves refusing to give in.

As American casualties mount and the war drags on without victory in sight, the US public grows restless and criticism begins to escalate. As hawks and doves debate the war at home, America’s once steadfast allies distance themselves. A few years later the Texan, once so popular, throws in the towel.

A scenario for George W Bush? Of course not. Simply a summary of Lyndon Johnson’s ill-fated escalation of the Vietnam war in the aftermath of the Gulf of Tonkin incidents in August 1964. And, perhaps, a sober reminder that when a country, even a superpower with allies around the globe, goes to war against an elusive enemy and without a clearly defined objective, the end results may be rather different than originally expected

article states

[quote]Soros wants to drug you so you can

Laugh of the day: The forum on the site has a bible smiley. … f=5;t=7629

As the WSJ pointed out within the last few days, George Soros was one of the major proponents of campaign-finance reform in the U.S., donating large amounts of cash to get it passed.

Now he’s donating large amounts of cash to even more unaccountable shadow groups, which are going to use the money to air attack ads against American politicians whom Soros dislikes – and specifically against one particular American politician.

Isn’t it amusing how foreigners always seem to side with the Democrats? The Communist Chinese and Riadys and Buddhist nuns donating huge wads of money (in direct violation of campaign-finance law) to Clinton-Gore, and now George Soros donating huge wads of money (through a loophole in campaign-finance law) to defeat Bush?

Your comment is highly offensive mapodofu.

George Soros is not a foreigner.

He is a US citizen and has lived in the US since 1956. He is an American.

Maybe George Soros should be added to this list.

Who would you nominate for PERsON of the YEAR worldwide?

See what Stefanoulous says. Cute.

GEORGE Stephanopoulos had a surprising proposal for Time’s Man of the Year yesterday at a lunch in the Time Life Building. “Jesus and Mohammad,” said George. As his fellow panelists State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Enron whistleblower Sharon Watkins, and Times op-ed columnist David Brooks pondered that pairing, Time managing editor Jim Kelly, who was moderating, said, “Traditionally, we don’t do dead people, but in this case, at least one of them is coming back.” Other contenders: President Bush (but he won three years ago), Arnold Schwarzenegger (fat chance), Jessica Lynch, Sandra Day O’Connor and Donald Rumsfeld.

NOTE: that SALON article is still up, but the antisemitic story about Soros has been taken down by the GOPUSA website after much criticism. I can’t read it all, but it begins like this. IMAGINE!


The fiction which is interdependency has a prolocutor in the congregation of Moloch. His name is George Soros. No other single person represents the symbol and the substance of Globalism more than this Hungarian-born descendant of Shylock. He is the embodiment of the Merchant from Venice. His public reputation as an astute currency speculator is generous, while his skills as a manipulator and procurer of pain and suffering is shrouded in the footnotes of the financial journals. Claiming to be a philanthropist, his record is literally one of being a patron for indentured enslavement.

Yes, anti-Semitism rears its ugly head every day or two, just to keep Jesus on his toes. What would Jesus do?

I am offended at your offense, MT! You should be flogged.

[quote]George Soros is not a foreigner.

He is a US citizen and has lived in the US since 1956. He is an American.[/quote]
Well, I’ll be reamed. I thought he was a Hungarian. He certainly doesn’t act like a citizen. Besides, he talks funny.

Well, whatever, then. I still think Soros is a scumbag, but – assuming he hasn’t switched citizenship to Russia or Rwanda or Israel or Suid Afrika or (gag) France – maybe he’s a citizen-scumbag.

The point still stands. Soros was a major advocate of campaign-finance “reform”, and now that it’s passed, he’s doing an end-run around it to finance the defeat of a politician he dislikes. Maybe he’ll get some more “reforms” passed, to the point that he’ll be the only one allowed to give money to campaigns.