Sound Disappearing On My Computer

I am a self-confessed computer moron. Maybe I am asking a dumb question here, so feel free to lambaste me with virtual whips.

Periodically, I watch some YouTube videos. If I watch one, sometimes more than one, all works fine. Suddenly, I click on a song/video I want to watch and all goes silent. That’s it. Game over. Nothing short of switching the computer off is going to bring sound back. Even then, it doesn’t always return. Sometimes I have to switch it off a few times to restore audio.


It’s broken?

Your critique is nothing short of overwhelming! :notworthy:

Now tell me: What the F is broken?

Jimmy, I have no idea WHY that’s happening to you, but the exact same thing happens to me, too. I’ve lost my second income scoring exams because the sound on my computer is too un-reliable to schedule shifts of oral exam scoring. (I also don’t really have time for it now, either, so it hasn’t been that urgent.) It’s right frustrating!

Buy a Mac.


You’re both welcome.

Are you on headphones?? speaker cables checked? no loose wiring? does that happen only with youtube or also when you are just listening to songs on your media player?

Edit. Shouldn’t it be sound muting …I mean can pictures be heard? :roflmao: I am taking a u no what.

When the sound goes off, it happens on media player and YouTube. Rebooting fixes it.

does the sound mute? As in can you see a small x on the little volume sign in the right corner of your screen??

this could be a cause

see this.

Weirdly, it usually happens between 4PM and 10PM. Some upgrading needed?

weird yes. Dunno about upgrading. try googling your problem.

What computer do you have, Mr. jimipresley?

Does the whole room go silent, or is it just the computer?

This reminds me of the time we got a call from an angry customer because his mobile phone kept beeping.

Long story short, it was a low battery warning from his smoke detector.

Anyway, back to jimi’s computer…

If it’s happening when watching youtube it is most likely your flash player. You probably have version 9 so some newer youtube videos won’t work and then you have to reboot.

Go here and get the latest version.

I don’t know, Sir. It is old,though. Been upgraded a bit recently by Nam.

I will try the new flash player. Thanks Mr Phillips.

[quote=“sulavaca”]Buy a Mac.


You’re both welcome.[/quote]

Macs have a disturbingly high amount of strange audio failures too though.

Never, ever curse your computer … it’s a sensitive thing … it has feelings … it’s just playing up … :no-no:

[quote=“djlowballer”][quote=“sulavaca”]Buy a Mac.


You’re both welcome.[/quote]

Macs have a disturbingly high amount of strange audio failures too though.[/quote]

Really? I can honestly say I haven’t had one as yet. Going just less than a year though. I even do quite a bit of video and sound editing though and still haven’t had an issue.

May I ask what the failures are related to? It may be useful to know as my old man is also after one for sound recording and jiggling.