Sound on Game is Annoying me!

OK here is the situation, I D/L a game, and it runs well and all, but If i plug in my game controller in the USB port the game has no sound at all. If I start it up without the USB controller plugged in, I get perfect sound…wtf!!! And yes i have tried starting it up and then plugging the controller in, but when I do that the menu to turn on the controller is greyed out. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Don’t know, did you check the device manager to see if there’s a conflict?

In case you need clarification on that, to check Device Manager, the easiest way is:

Right click on My Computer
Select “Properties”->“Hardware”->“Device Manager”
Make sure you’ve got your USB controller plugged in, and if there’s any little yellow exclamation marks, you’ve got a problem that’s actually traceable.