Sound problem

We have our kindergarten Christmas show coming up in three weeks and my class are going to be performing a play. The problem is it is difficult for their voices to carry through the auditorium and the only microphones available are ones with wires which are impractical for what we are doing.

My school has a crazy idea to record the voices and get the children to go onstage and mime through the play, which is ridiculous but they’d rather that than it be too quiet.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

I’m trying to persuade them to hire some wireless mics but it’s like getting blood from a stone.

I have wondered about one of those (floor?) mics that they use to record sound at football games and movies. Is it going to be possible to hire one of them? Would that even work?

Appreciate any advice, we’ve worked hard at this and I don’t want them to ruin it by making them try to mime.

Tell them that the parents will complain if they can’t hear their kids and the only way they can be heard and do the play is to have wireless mics (even normal-sized ones that can be passed around). Or you can do like Hess and get them headsets with attached microphones.

No really, bring up the point that even with those big mics you can’t hear the kids unless they are right underneath them. And emphasize that parents will complain if they can’t hear their little Apple or Hercules.


You’ve opened a can of worms there. Fiirst off a few questions.

Do you have some one that knows how to set the equipment up and of course us it?
Does your school have P.A. equipment?
How much is your buget?
Are you going to perform on stage, in a theatre or some kind of auditorium? What are the dimentions of the space?
Seating capacity?
Have the kids got a singing teacher/ coach that can help with projection (voices)?

There are some excellent mics that can do this job. The Crown PCC 160 is an all round favourite, however you can’t just plonk one down in the middle of the stage and expect everyone to be heard. This kind of problem has been an issue for so many theatre companies over the years, it can be done successfully, but you need someone who knows what they are doing. There is no point renting the gear youself and expecting miracles. They need time to rehearse/ set up the gear and of course be paid.

Too many people belive that renting a few mics will slove this kind of problem, however it can lead to disappointment. I’m glad you told them not to use radios. Trust me, they don’t need them. I can probably give you the number of a P.A. company ( they do the sound for Cloud Gate Dance theatre) but it won’t be cheap.

The chances of geting a good recording are minimal, unless of course you have someone who knows what they are doing ( with the right equipment). Other nightmares start when you need to edit the recording and of course playback when you perform.

Vocal training is the be all and end all. Until you get to venues that seat 800-1000 there should never be the need to fall back on technology. I don’t know if you know of the actor Brian Blessed? I did a talk show with him once, he refused any kind of amplification (300 seat venue) because he could use his voice properly. Needless to say, we could hear every word…sorry I digress.

Let me know if you need that number.



You mentioned the mics, let me know more about them. Make and model number and quantity.

L. :smiley:

Er…it’s a kindergarten christmas, not the Royal Shakespeare Company :smiley:

Thanks for the advice though.

It’s a small venue, but they are 5/6 year old so can’t be expected to be too loud.

I was thinking along the lines of what imaniou suggested with wireless mics. Does anyone know anywhere to hire them out from?

surely my school won’t be so tight to refuse to pay to hire them :unamused:

Ahh, that’s what you get for asking a professional, sorry.

Wireless/radios don’t work unless you can afford to put one on each person that speaks. There are two types handheld (the name says it all) and lavalier (clip on tie type you see on TV - although not the same)

You can use handheld radios and pass them between the people speaking.

Price obviously depends on how many you need, quality, length of rental and the age of the equipment. I assume you have some sort of sound mixing console and speakers. You will also need professional advice in how to set up and use them.

The people that run Cloud Gate’s sound. The best in Taiwan.

They maybe able to help you out. You will need a Chinese speaker.

Let me know if you need any more assistance.