Source Code Generator System

Hi there,
I have developed a system called “Code Generator System”. It generated Web server-side script from database structure. Do you think it’s possible to apply this. Here are main features:

Key features

  1.   Auto administration page creation: 

a. Fully functionality of administration page included Login/logout functions.

b. Auto top menu with tables/view display.

c. Search function for every Tables.

d. A list of data with sort, search, add new, update, delete functions.

e. Delete confirmation dialog box.

f. Boolean value with Radio box, check box, drops down selections.

g. WYSIWYG editor with nText and Memo field.

h. Image uploader, file uploader

i. Image resizer

  1.   Data listing classes generator

a. 5 kinds of Data Listing layouts.

b. Object oriented classes generated.

c. Paging and sorting included.

d. Search form on top of page.

e. Easy to modify original code.

  1.   Multi-programming-language supported

a. ASP classics

b. ASP.NET (Both C# and VB.NET)

c. PHP

d. JSP

  1.   Customization & upgradable

a. Customize header and footer notes for every classes, sub, function and project.

b. Easy to add more languages by adding new templates.

c. Upgrade code template easily.

  1.   Projects management

a. Web based project management.

b. Online Data entry form with one click.

This seems to be an advert so I doubt you’ll care about my opinion, but …

Many, many other people have tried this before. None of them have really produced anything that gets used. Rails is an exception, but it doesn’t do too much for you. And frankly it pretty much sucks anyway.

Have you actually developed this already, or are you just thinking about it? If it already exists, then screenshots and a demo site will sell it much better than a big list of generic features. If it doesn’t exist, I suggest not tackling it :wink:

Here are some screen shots of this system