Sources for printing paper


I’m looking for one or more places in the Taipei area where I can go to view and purchase different types of printing paper.

What I have in mind is a place that keeps in inventory a variety of reams of paper – different colors, textures, and paper thicknesses (g/m2). I’m working on a project that will involve printing on an inkjet printer, but I need more durable paper than the normal white paper (80g/m2) found in copy shops and 3C stores.

Although this isn’t really a specialty item (available in many copy shops and business card printing shops back home), I’m being told by copy shop owners here that Taiwan has no such place. I’m finding that tough to believe. Some don’t know. Some are reluctant to give me a chance to avoid paying them the higher “per sheet” price, with long waiting times for more paper. I only need one ream, but I need to carefully pick the paper.

If you can give me any suggestions of company names, locations, etc., I’d appreciate it.


You can try

Here is a page with some of their paper samples:

Tel 8245-2488
Chung ho City Yung Ho Road Lane 220 No. 38

I haven’t been there myself but I called them and you can buy small amounts of paper from them, you can go there and choose from their selection. They said their paper is not precut to smaller sizes, you need to buy in larger sheets but you can buy singles if you like.

They are open office hours M-F.

If you do go there and you happen to see recycled paper that would be suitable for commerical printing, such as a brochure/booklet, I would really appreciate it if you let me know, I just don’t have time to run around with two kids, to check out the information I find online late at night…

Thanks for letting me know about the links, they should work now.

I don’t have the answer to your question, but it is good to see you back on I’m not posting a whole lot more than you are, however, as the kids and work are keeping me fairly busy.

I hope you’re doing well.