Sources of podcasts for adult students

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’m looking for something with grown-up content, especially related to news, business, technology, etc

I have a few guys with very low-level English, and a whole lot more with the usual poor English. If I can find something for them to listen to, preferably with some associated written material, then that would be great.


I’m pretty sure that NPR’s Story of the Day podcast has the exact transcript of each episode on their website. Unfortunately NPR would probably be over their heads.

Chi-Nan University has a regular podcast series. Not all of them have transcripts but the older ones should.

Hello Loretta has an audio file, script, and quite a few exercises. It is Ok (IMHO) for lower-lever students.


Got a kabillion on a file at home. Laters.

I’ve used Reader’s Digest for adult students, and they have podcasts too. Moderately interesting but not too cerebral.

Hope this helps.

Just a shot in the dark, or maybe something for future reference:

There’s a site called ESL Podcast, or ESL Pod, at . I think the podcasts are free, [edit: and the transcripts of dialogues are, too–thanks to CraigTPE for correcting me on that one :blush: ]. I haven’t checked out these podcasts thoroughly. Krashen recommends them but says they’re for intermediate students. I noticed that CraigTPE was using some of them, among other tools, when I checked out his blog.

On ESL Pod, I think you can browse all the podcasts by clicking the “Go” button midway down the left side of the page.

ESLPod is good. You can get the mp3 and the transcript of the core dialogue for free, but you have to subscribe if you want the complete study guide. ESLPod is a little heavy on idioms. is also excellent, with complete lesson plans written for each podcast available for free. They added a “Famous Person” section with short bio’s of famous people from a variety of backgrounds.

Many news networks offer poscasts designed specifically for learners of EFL. Voice of America is one. I’ve used podcasts from BBC about business English on my blog for corporate students.

On my blog, I’ve collected podcasts and videos from various sources and combined them with an online quiz. Most of the blog’s content is directed toward my high school students, but I recently added a “Corporate” section with videos and podcasts for business students.

[quote=“CraigTPE”]You can get the mp3 [color=#FF4000]and the transcript of the core dialogue for free[/color]. . . .[/quote] Yikes! I was wrong! The dialogues are free! Thanks for the information, and I apologize to everyone for giving the wrong information!

No need for self-flagellation over it! :astonished:

No need for self-flagellation over it! :astonished:[/quote]

I disagree. I think Charlie should wear a hair shirt for a month and hit himself over the head with the OED twenty times every day.

Craig, thanks for the info.

Anyone else? More?

And additionally, is there a need for something tailored to Taiwanese adult learners? Other than listening to ICRT, how do adults practise? What sort of content would be popular and useful? etc

OALD would be more portable.

All of the sites mentioned have material for adults. ESLPod, and the various news networks. What more did you have in mind besides tutoring or groups like Toastmasters? My blog has a Corporate section with videos and podcasts of interest to business people.

Other than that, not sure what you’re looking for.

I forgot. I have some stuffs.

Email me.

[quote=“Loretta”]I think Charlie should . . . hit himself over the head with the OED twenty times every day.[/quote] The entire OED? Unless you’re referring to the CD-ROMs, that might be suicide. :astonished: … ade500.jpg

I freaked out a little because I don’t like finding out that I gave a bull**** tip (unless I did it on purpose, i.e., sold a woof ticket).