Sourcing from Greater China

Well, I jsut noticed that more than a few forumosans do sourcing in Taiwan/Greater China for overseas companies (Or would like to do so).

Well, I have spent considerable parts of my free time doing the same, focusing on one product, which appeals to a well defined overseas customer group. Moreover, the thingy is still mainly manufactured here in Taiwan - China has not really popped up on the radar screen yet in that sector.

I have been lucky enough to have a defined product and a defined customer base.

Branching out might be an idea, but that will have to come down the road.

Now, I am sure that most ppl trying to make a living out of sourcing for overseascompanies have a common set of problems and might be able to give each other advice.

I would like to volunteer the first couple of questions:

  1. How would you identify and approach companies with sourcing needs?

  2. And continuing, how would you market yourself?

  3. How would you add value to your customers in a way so you became relatively sure that they would stick with you, and not try ot cut you out?