South Africa Peg Back Australia

After a nice start by the Aussies in the ODI South Africa have pegged back Australia to 344 off 50 overs. :noway: :noway:

South Africa need 345 to win :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

goddam… i have been out all day. your topic title scared the shit out of me. :slight_smile:

Pegged to the clothes line we were.


[quote=“Alleycat”]Pegged to the clothes line we were.


We might have scored 400 if it wasnt for some tighter bolwing by the spin bowlers. :astonished: :smiley: :smiley:

Aussie have won the toss for all four encounters so far. We’ve won one. Even Ponting said the major factor in their victory yesterday was the winning of the toss:

“Australia trounced South Africa by 57 runs at Sydney on Sunday, but Ricky Ponting pinpointed the toss as the deciding factor, despite another swaggering fifty from Adam Gilchrist.” – … 35827.html

Hopefully we can beat SL to get into the finals and then win some tosses against you bastards. Although, we’re not playing our best team, Kallis and Ntini both out with injuries, I still think we’ll need to do something special to win the VB Series as Lee is bowling in another league entirely.

Sth Africans have always been better tossers anyway… :slight_smile:

I am SURE it was just winning the toss that helped us… :wink: