South Africa Truck Driver Outdrives Gun Attack

Don’t listen to @slawa .

“Poes” never means pussy or coward. It always means “cunt”.
It’s not used lightly with strangers. That’s fighting talk. It’s fine with your buddies, like “cunt” is a term of endearment among friends in Britain and Ireland.

A term that horrifies north Americans. :grinning:


That could be the prefect Forumosa greeting then.

Hey, poes.

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As if we don’t have few enough women already…


The guy on Reddit used Google translate, so not all is accurate.
I reposted it because it had Google map coordinates and was funny to read.

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Uh, no.


You see how low that Toyota Landcruiser is sitting? It’s a converted vehicle. 1" thick bulletproof glass. Specially made rims that can drive for about 1mile at top speed after the tyres have been shot and deflated. Reinforced armoured doors. Even the frame around the doors has been reinforced (that thick grey insert that you can see). Armor proof vehicles weigh a lot more than their production line lookalikes.


Looks like the guy was trying to drive through the grass and got hung up on top of one of those white stones.

Wouldn’t it be useful to identify the poesers?

Not any more useful than making ‘poes’ pluraler… :wink:

Brief frontal POV:


I’d love to see the bit where he did the U-turn.

Yea. As I recall they took two shots to the windshield after turning around.

The driver now has a security detail guarding his home as he has purportedly received death threats from the robbers/gangsters.

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What was going on with that truck, and SUV ahead of it, stopped at 0:25 ?

I think they were the ones attacking the truck

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Block the road. Up to four vehicles involved.