South African Drivers License


Hope I am posting this in the correct area. Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer a South African drivers license into a Taiwanese drivers license?

I found this link below:

Its seems to indicate that a Taiwanese drivers license can be transferred into a South African drivers license. However, I do not know whether this is reciprocated.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Such agreements are always reciprocated.

The above link doesn’t indicate that a South African drivers license can be converted into a Taiwanese one.

Correct, it’s about converting a Taiwanese license into other nation’s.

However, these agreements are reciprocal so the reverse can be inferred. I read the document as saying a South African License that’s from the list of provinces can be converted into a Taiwanese license.

Have you had problems with a conversion?

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Thanks for replying. I haven’t tried. Been using a IDP, but would love to convert my Western Cape drivers license to legal one in Taiwan. Has anyone successfully done that?

Why not just do the Taiwanese license without any conversion? It’s not that hard.
And you get to keep your Western Cape drivers license.