South-Africans living in Taiwan on TV right now 10pm

Hey guys
CHeck out Travel Living channel(21).This guy tours Taiwan covering food from different countries:) He is doing a whole program on SA food and South-Africans living here. Can’t wait to check out the Hsintien crowd!

That’s interesting. There seems to be a South African Fest going on nowadays. You can’t turn without bouncing into one. It’s a pity I missed it.

Just saw it this afternoon. He visited a restaurant in Xinzhu called the Safari, then the people at home in Xindian, the restaurant on Xinyi near Guangfu South Road, and a barbecue at the Brass Monkey.

Toku climbed up the hill in Hsin Tien and had lunch with Gary and the “Nan Fei Bang” (南非幫). My buddy is Gary’s neighbor and had a cameo role. There’s only so much Toku one can take however. And the title “chi ding lao wai” (吃定老外) wins him no points. He’s no Janet that’s for sure.

Indeed. Indeed.

wheres Xindian anyways??

I duno why so many people think we are being overrun by safers, theres def way more canadians here, then safers come second.

or am i wrong??

Oh an was’nt that a braai, not a barbacue? mmm, quite close

Xindian is cool. Most of us live on a mountain…My gf lives 3 homes from Gary…I know of 10 SAs that live in this area…all with dogs:) It’s wicked up here because you can get a 3 storey house for NT20 000, but it’s still near a MRT stop:) That’s rare!