South Africans - Request for help with research


I am currently midway through a Criminology degree, studying it through Unisa. This semester one of my modules is Research Methodology, and I have an assignment due.


The topic is “The prevention of attacks / murder of police officials.”

I have a questionnaire that requires the attention of 20 willing participants. The questionnaire has some SAPS-specific questions, which is why I am initially asking for help from South Africans. If I cannot find the right number of South Africans, these questions can be reworded to be more generally applicable, so it’s not too much of a problem. That being said, I would like to get as many South Africans as possible, especially due to some very SA-specific issues regarding this topic.

If you are interested in lending a helping hand, please send me a PM, so that I can send you more comprehensive details. Sadly, being a (slightly less so than if I was studying at home) poor student, I can offer nothing in the way of compensation for your time and effort, save for a few shed tears of gratitude.

Many thanks.

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