South Dakota’s ‘I’m on Meth’ Campaign Prompts Online Guffaws


It’s for real.


That particular guy there, is he supposed to be on meth or ‘on it’ as in to say helping to solve the problem?

The Argus Leader reports a Minneapolis marketing agency created the campaign.

I’m thinking those MNers wanted to fuq with the SDers.

I like to think it’s both. He’s part of the problem and part of the solution. A vicious cycle! :stuck_out_tongue:

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If the objective of the campaign was to raise awareness of the meth problem it’s been highly successful. Now people think that everyone in South Dakota is on meth.


Or they think that the people at the ad company are on meth, at least.

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Sounds like Onion material

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This makes me want to eat some meth.

Why reinvent the wheel when Ali G has a proven track record in anti-drug campaigning.

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This is shite. He’s a twat. Brass Eye cake nailed it.

Is it bad I don’t know who Ali G or Brass Eye Cake is?

Not good or bad, but hard to believe you don’t know who Ali G is.

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No chance of a Chris Morris, Sascha Baron Cohen (sic?) co-production then I’m guessing…

Chris Morris stopped being funny and Cohen never was funny, so it’s a possibility.

Oh, he’s funny. He’s not so funny that he doesn’t deserve to get sued for being a con artist, but he is funny. :2cents:

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