South korea is sinking!

Holy Cow, check out CNN quick!!!

South Korea is sinking. They expect it to be completely submerged by morning!!! :astonished:

Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kimchee futures are skyrocketing.

I always had a…uh…‘impending’ suspicion. When I first arrived there, I was totally six foot four. When I left I was six foot three and three quarter. And really, really thirsty. Its like something was sucking the thirst from me.

But I wet the bed and my pants regularly and I slouch, so I guess I got that going for me.

Question: what do you call that thing that is like a boat but its underwater and its not sinking but moves like fish? Its a boat thing, and people live and work on it. The US Navy has it, I think. They shoot missiles in the water and blow bad underwater boat things up. Starts with an F. Or something.

#$^!&!# commies.

man and I don’t wanna swim…SWIM!