Spaghetti Westerns

Drop what you’re doing, run, don’t walk, and watch A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.
There’s all kinds of really good DVD versions around, and they really hold up well over time.
If you haven’t seen them, shut up and don’t talk to me 'til you have.

Ahh yes… one of my fave genres…

I can never think of S W’s without mentioning the soundtracks… Sergio Leone would have been nothing with Ennio Morricone. Which brings me to my favourite memory of the year before I left Asia. I was living with my room mate (who we’ll call Ted Danson for the rest of this thread) another confirmed Western and particularly Leone nut. We had spoken on many occasions about our fantasies and Ted Danson told me he’d love to have sex with his old lady wearing a cowboy hat watching “TGTBATU”. Of course I thought this was sheer bravado and laughed a bit and left it at that.
A few weeks later he had managed to get a projector and through pure luck, a copy of all of the dollars trilogy from Ebay. I was walking home one afternoon from university and heard the soundtrack of that movie playing very loud down the street. l think “awesome he’s watching TGTBATU” so I run into our house and burst into his room where he’s projecting the film on the wall and doing his old lady from behind as he wears his hat. I freeze for a moment and say “Oh…” “So you did it then?” and he just looked at me and in a dry Manchester accent said “yeeeeeeeahh”. Absolutely hilarious!

Anyway…Have you ever seen El Topo? not S W per se but crazier than a box of spiders… There’s just too many to list here… what others have you seen?

holly shit funk,you really have some good stories,PMSL here

Funk500 with another cracker from his journals. He is funakalicious.

As a fan of SW’s I can also confirm that they are just as good in story book form. I read them all as a kid.

I love these films. I wish I’d been able to see them in the theater, but I’m not old enough. IMHO they’re the best thing Leone ever did, better than his later, sappier movies. I think he started going downhill with “Fistful of Dynamite” (aka “Duck, you sucker!”).