Spam that makes you homesick

Today I got a spam from my favourite korean eatery in Dallas. Now I am sooooo homesick.
Other spams that make me homesick:
Papa Johns
Dallas Observer (the music magazine in Dallas)
and The 24 Hour Fitness eNewsletter

What Spams make you miss home?

Happy Doughnut Day mother fuckers!

You got spam from a Korean eatery in Dallas? That might be the single most unusual spam ever. Spam doesn’t make me homesick, it makes me want to throw the dickheads who send it out a very high window.

That said, it does sound like perhaps, maybe, you’ve got the definition of spam a bit mixed up…

it is spam. It is spam because it is unsolicited and they only have my email address because I gave my email address to the local korean supermarket who sends out coupons through the mail (cheap bulgogi, I will go for that) and sold their mailing list.
Now ChoSunKalbi (best eatery on the planet) sends me their menu once every few months. Kills me.

Huh. OK, that just makes it even weirder. A Korean restaurant sending out their menu as spam… There are no words for how hilariously odd that is… But on the plus side at least they’re not saying it’ll help you “smash rocks with your gigantic cock” (and yes, that’s really a spam subject line I got once.)

That stuff really works.