Spam it’s just not for breakfast anymore. Another fine processed meat brought to you by HormelScreenshot_20190620-222239_Chrome
Hawaiian fried rice one of my faves
Loco Moco Asian American dish doesn’t get any better than this.
I know this stuff is crap and it’s probably not good for you but you got to admit it tastes good and there’s a lot of dishes that it shines in.
Feel free to list your favorite spam dish or combination.
I left out fried spam covered with cheese and sauteed onions on a potato roll.


Spam is very popular in Korea when the US army started to bring them there since the Korean War.

I particularly like this dish that’s easy and cheap. Called army soup as people in the army would make this. It’s also popular among college students since they can eat a lot and it’s cheap to make.

Usually put in a spicy broth soup from chili paste. With tofu, mushrooms, cabbage, rice cake, any meat you have laying around and spam. Add some instant noodles and a slice of cheese. You got the korean army soup.



I have actually had this this Andrew and it’s surprisingly good

There are many recipes and everyone has their own way. I like to add a lot of kimchi and drop 2 raw eggs to mine.

I also like to make this when I was a kid.
But I would add some American cheese in mine.

I think there are 15 flavors now. Have you tried many?


Yum I’ve had this after a few bourbon Coke and JP

I’ve never tried spam. Will give it a shot and report back. I’m pretty confident it will be awful.

Just depends how you try it my friend

Do you mean it needs other ingredients to make it taste good?

It can’t be no worse than this

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Just fry some up put it on your favorite bread add some cheese onions whatever you like

The thing about spam is he used to be really cheap used to dice it up and put it in ramen soup.

Off topic but I am a little disappointed in the lack of onion rolls potato rolls and rollos in Taiwan

I really like spam. It was one of my favorite things to eat as a kid. It’s easy to cook and goes well with rice since it’s salty on its own.

A simple dish I used to make when I was hungry is some slices of spam, eggs sunny side up on top of a bowl of rice, and some dried seaweed crumbled on top. You can also mix it all together with the egg yolk going over the rice.

Also like the first picture, a Cantonese style fried rice is great with dice spam and some eggs.


Okay let me stop you there Andrew a runny egg on anyting is heaven

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It’s true. Burgers, sausages, bread, rice, soups. Spam and eggs seem like a particularly good match.

Where can I find spam outside of import focused stores? There’s no point in buying spam if I have to pay through the nose.

Is it hard to find? My mom always buys them and it’s not expensive.

Costco of course in bulk, I’ll also seen it in bakery stores of all things

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Spam Reuben sandwich.


Spam and being half drunk are a match made in heaven.

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Wow those looks good, I have seen a lot of mukbang video wherein they use Spam for Army Stew and it seems appetizing.