Spamming PM messages

The person with the user name QAM keeps spamming the hiking club with nonsensical messages after being asked repeatedly to stop. Responses from QAM to requests to cease (by removing “The Hiking Club” from the list of recipients) have not always been very polite.
(ironmanx50 and KarenC have stopped - Thank you).

I can block QAM, but he/she will still be spamming the rest of the members of the hiking club list with these PMs. Already a few members have opted out because of numerous messages.
Is there an option to “flame” PMs?
I guess blocking this character is the only option, correct?

I opted out of the hiking club “group” because of the annoying PMs. The second reason was because I didn’t really see the point to having the group PM function since I never saw it used properly anyway. I only received annoying messages as a result of being in the group. The third reason is because I (regrettably) rarely go on hikes. I always thought that the thread in the travel forum was where the hikes were discussed, so maybe it’s best to just opt out of the PM group?

By the way, I’m still looking forward to meeting you, Kage. One of these months…

Thanks, I just removed QAM from the group. Hope this helps!

Thanks, Maoman, much appreciated.

See ya on the hills scomargo- one of these days…