Spanish cruelty to dogs

I guess hunting with greyhounds and other dogs is popular in Spain. Only for the hunt it would seem as afterwards they hang, burn or torture them to death.

Here is the link to the canine situation in Spain…


Hi Scott
I signed your petition on a link you posted in another thread.
Is there no end to cruelty

Smells fishy to me.

I guess in Spain they call greyhounds galgos and they are usually used for one hunting season. They are there to hunt and nothing more. Often after the end of the hunt they are killed (various means) or abandonned and left to starve or get shot from other hunters.

Here are some more links I found…

Has some pics and a brief description…

Still looking for current up to date news… (last mentioned was '04)

If you ever wanted to see Spain and help out… here is the link to do it…

Here is the official site of Scooby in Medina Spain (the organization doing the most work there…)



This is just weird. I’ll find out more about this when I go back to UK for Christmas. My dad’s in a shooting syndicate that has a Spanish guy in it, and my sister is a vet who often does duty at the dog track in Edinburgh, so I’ll be asking them some questions. I DO know that racing greyhounds and hunting dogs cost a fortune to buy and take a large investment of time, money and patience to train. It just doesn’t make sense that they’re killed at the end of the season – I mean, it takes several SEASONS to train a good hunting dog.
I have no doubt of course that there’s animal abuse going on in Spain, but this site makes it sound like normal end-of-season behaviour. I don’t buy it. It sounds like sensationalist nonsense to me.
Nobody spends up to several thousand dollars on an animal, spends the whole year training it and building up a bond with it, only to kill it after a season. :loco:
And I don’t know ANY hunters, even psycho ones, who would go to the trouble of tying their dog to railway tracks, tossing them off high bridges, etc. – hunters have guns, don’t you know?

here is a news story… guess people have been fighting this since 1997 (Scooby) that is…