Spanish help needed!

I’m slowly putting together a website intended to help people learn vocabulary through tactical use of flashcards (virtual or paper flashcards–doesn’t matter). One of the key parts of my method is that learners create flashcards which build on existing knowledge by linking related words.

I’m giving examples in English and Chinese, and to complete the “big three”, I’d really like to give some Spanish examples too. However, my Spanish is rather rusty, and I’d really appreciate some suggestions from a native speaker or at least someone whose Spanish is pretty good.

It needn’t take much of your time. It’s just something you could maybe mull over for a couple of days and then let me know any suggested word groups you’ve come up with.

Just PM Dragonbones :laughing:

[quote=“Namahottie”]Just PM Dragonbones :laughing:[/quote]I don’t think he speaks proper Spanish.

:laughing: Yeah, I´m reasonably fluent but it´s not native, and it often contains small mistakes, so a native speaker would be a better choice. I´d be willing to help, though, if you don´t get a better-qualified volunteer. I´m getting lots of practice at the moment (we´re in Guanajuato, Mexico visiting my parents in my dad´s hometown). :sunglasses:

I thought BFM was referring to the fact that you weren’t a lisping Castilian! Most native speakers don’t speak “proper” Spanish by that measure.

Thanks for the offer. I think it’s the kind of thing you might find interesting. I’ll send you a link in a couple of days and if you get time to mull it over sometime and let me know of any thoughts that would be great.

Have a great trip!