Spanish Surfer Stabbed by 'Fishermen' in Kenting


The slimy little bastards. If at least one of the four in the group, the one who did the stabbing, doesn’t get at least 5 years in jail I’m personally going to piss on the next “Taiwan Touch your Heart” poster I see


Do you know about the judgment or ruling (or whatever it may be) that the Pingtung District Court made on February 1? I pasted it into a post just above your post.

(By the way, I apologize to you and to the moderators and administrators for initially including your surnames in the document that I pasted above your post. I have since deleted the surnames.)

I will delete the case that I pasted if you or the moderators or administrators desire me to do so (for your privacy’s sake).


No I dont know. I dont have a lawyer anymore, so I am on my own now. I filed a civil complaint too on January by myself and today I received a letter saying that I need to translate my petition into chinese. Today I took it to a translator and tomorrow I will submit it back to the Court. I think that it refers to that, but that is a different case that the criminal one.


Should I delete what I pasted?


I think that it refers to the translation request in the new civil case as it was made on February 1.


It only says a 1st name, so its ok. As long as it doesnt give my last names is ok. Thank you for the consideration.


Originally, I put it up with your surnames, but I deleted them. Including your surnames was very unwise on my part, and I apologize for that.


Thank you Charly_Jack


Four copies of the Chinese version of the request for ‘co-related’ civil trial should be submitted within 10 days after Ignacio receives this court action. Otherwise the court will ‘refute’ hearing the civil trial.

I am not a legal expert but that’s the key point I can get out of the Chinese text.


Thank you.


You are correct. Iirc the official translation of the Code of Civil Procedure says

裁定 = ruling (as opposed to judgement)
附帶民事訴訟 = ancillary civil suit
送達 = service (serving a document to a party)

@NachoPR You lost your lawyer? I would get a new one asap. You don’t want the other side’s lawyer to take advantage of procedural rules.

@Charlie_Jack You may have missed it the first time you looked because it hadn’t been added to the JIRS yet. They don’t add decisions (judgements and rulings) immediately, but they do post the 主文 of new ones on a different part of the JY’s site every day and keep them up for I think 20 days. (You need to know the case number to find a 主文 that way.)


I only hired the lawyer to get the criminal case up to the Court, so now I am out of one. The actual letter that they sent to me it says clear what I have to do, translate it to Chinese and submit it to the Court, so I think that if I do this I should be alright. On the criminal case the prosecutor is like a lawyer on my side so I dont see a lawyer doing much there. Obviously if I see that their lawyer starts filing motions to dismiss in the civil case like they would do in the US then I would hire a lawyer, but for now it seems quite strait forward…


Dude, this is Taiwan, you don’t have the home court advantage! Get a lawyer, especially if you cannot speak Chinese!


Try to find a lawyer who will help it’s not good to go on this alone

They will escape meaningful punishment

Maybe a civic group can help


I went to the free lawyers in the Court House and they told me that they can help me. Only thing is that the last time they advised me to file in english and only one copy and that was not the case… Still I give them a chance since they helped my gfriend to file a civil lawsuit and that one was ok. In that one the other party hired a lawyer and the response of this lawyer was mediocre, so my gfriend has high expectations on this one.
Aside, the criminal is the most important one. On the civil in some countries we would be looking at really high figures but in Taiwan the ended lawyer told me no more than 600k. In the civil lawsuit I filed I asked 2 million. Placed to ask…:innocent:


@NachoPR sorry you went through this. It’s truly horrible. But is it okay for you to discuss the case so openly before it goes to trial? I’m not a legal expert, but I’ve always heard that can compromise a case. You don’t want them to use anything here against you. Maybe someone who actually has some legal expertise can advise here.


Probably Ignacio instead of Inicio


Ah yes, the “litigation counselors” who sit in the court all day telling people which forms to use. Sadly, you can’t rely on them.

You can’t rely on court appointed interpreters either, though you might get lucky. Always ask to see the transcript of the oral arguments as soon as its ready.


For the first appearance there was a translator who probed to be terrible, so the prosecutor whose english was good translated for me. On the second appearance the lawyer that I had then did it for me, but I was told that on my testimony´s day I could only used the Court´s official translator.
If at any given point I need a lawyer I will get one, but for now I see no need as not only on the criminal it would be useless as the prosecutor is the one, bu Im out of time on the civil one and for now I can do it on my own. I am helping my gfriend on two civil cases and they seem ok to do.


No kidding, I had one that I didn’t even know why he was there for about an hour, I thought he was just some random goofy old fart who hung around the courthouse. I finally asked him who he was and he goes "I’m your translator!!"
After the first 5 minutes or so, he leans over to me and says, like “I guess you don’t need my help, just let me know if you don’t understand something”