Spanish Surfer Stabbed by 'Fishermen' in Kenting


If the court would allow you to use sketches and drawings as part of your testimony, it might be helpful to put what had happened in visuals.


lots of shootings and stabbings in Taiwan…Just depends the circles you move in. Ketamine addiction is rife, under age sex slavery, underground casinos and huge amounts of dog fighting


Thanks, its an idea.
I truly have seen very low quality of this process until now. 1st the corrupted police tried to convince me that the stabbing had happened with the 10 cm in diameter circle part of the weapon (see image), then they asked me if I was willing to negotiate with the attackers (when I left the police station me and my gfriends family had no doubt that the attackers were either family or friends of someone there, we were at the en in a small town). They never took pictures of the wounds, called the attackers so that they could bring the weapons on their own (no blood found on the weapons, so they either turn in 4 out of more than 15 that they had or cleaned them before turn them in), only collected one witness out of many, etc…
I am just hoping that the Judge(s) can see things with clarity despite the rotten police in Pintung, but things that I am seeing in Court like the distance between Court dates are making me think that the judicial system here is not good.


This thread make me feel it was right decision, i moved to eu with my taiwanese wife. For foreigner there is not real life security (social, legal, family) in taiwan. Locals can basically fuck you up and walk away easily. How can a man raising up family in this einvoroment.

WTF is this they do not provide lawyers, and professional translators? Really taiwan? Taiwan can and should do better

I heard from first hand when taiwanese criminals were arrested in Europe, local government did provide mandarin, taiwanese and even hakka translators. They did not have such people, so they ask taiwan to send them, translators between taiwanese dialects and english. Keep in mind we did this not only for victims, but as well for criminals. Taiwan has long way to walk to our standards.

Maybe you can try to contact spanish authorities, foreign minister office. They can not do much, but at least can warm others spanish citizenship on their webpages about travelling to taiwan.

If you do not get your rights on court, def share story with media, maybe spanish media. Nothing hurt em like a bit lose of face.


I contacted at the beginning the spanish representative office in Taipei, but they told me that they could not do anything.
Once I finish the case I will have a better picture on the judicial system as now it is still very premature. I can say however without a doubt that the police here is useless in most cases.
If you are from a EU country, the legal stability that you will find there will be much much better than the one in Taiwan. No doubt too about this.


i had a guy kick me in the back. It didn’t put me down, not knowing I’m a former boxer, I broke his cheek bone, knocked his tooth out, and fractured his orbital bone. He was taken to intensive care. It was all on CCTV , his family tried to sue me, but the police told them actually it’s me who can sue him. He kicked he as hard as he could in my lower spine with my back turned in Family Mart. I had a small fracture on my finger from punching his teeth. It turned out he was schizophrenic and the police said I had five months to decide if I wanted to prosecute. However, they said because I beat“heavily” in their opinion it’s a fair outcome. I didn’t prosecute anyway, as my back wasn’t hurt and btw I’m over 50 years old. And the family actually wanted to prosecute me !


I knew a foreign guy in Tainan, he got into a fight with another foreigner who pulled a knife and stabbed him in the leg, cops basically came and watched the two of them fight without intervening (according to him) including the stabbing and just waited until the fight was over to collect them both

I had a guy in Kaohsiung that was obviously mental follow me around shooting Fooka U , driving away didn’t help as he followed me on his scooter, than when I stopped at a light he took off his helmet and approached me from behind obviously intending to hit me on the head with the helmet. I finally had enough and walked toward him, he hopped. Back on the scooter and took off … my only run in with a local in 5 yrs luckily

I would never expect the cops to stick up for a foreigner here, especially in southern parts of Taiwan where it’s like the wild West


I also live in Kaohsiung and had a weird dude on a scooter keep following me yelling “fooka yooouuu” after I didn’t acknowledge his initial “hello, I’m fine and you?!”
Possibly the same mental case? I wouldn’t be surprised.




Yea seems mental dissable taiwanese are crazy about foreigners.

I had one on my neck when taking marriage photos in downtown bus stop of Taipei. He stood behind and keep touching me and pushing lightly. He was introducing himself all the time. We need like 2 hours to make few pictures. Guy just did not go away. Full station of people and no one helped. I was thinking to knock him off but then we would take pictures in prison. Racist taiwanese media really like to put white face on front page, so u gotta watch. They will allways twist story.

Yea sure family wanted to sue you. When they start smelling easy. money, they become crazy


It’s almost a daily occurrence for me to have some off balance person approach me in public or on the bus, MRT etc. Foreigners, and probably more so Caucasians, are magnets for the cuckoos out there.
Was mildy amusing 20 years ago. Now it’s just painfully boring and annoying


Wow that kicking guy in family mart… Yea there are too many crazies here. Not all are harmless. Theres a guy near my house who paces the streets with a kettle of tea and a stool and tries to talk to me in taiwanese/ english. Doesnt look stable at all.


yeah they were apologizing when the police told them that I was the one who could sue not them. I also immediately called the foreign affairs police to get a second recording of the CCTV footage as the local police were connected to that family.


yeah get under a CCTV camera like in a 7/11 or record. :slight_smile. Warn them politely. However if they touch you no mercy, if you’re found guilty then under the law here attacking the head you can be charged with attempted murder,but not attacking the body if unarmed. Avoid, it but if they keep following then get to a CCTV area and if they touch you attack the body and legs unless they’re armed then all’s fair !


Sounds like the NHL hockey referees who just wait out a fist-fight until one of the fighters falls down, and then they break it up.


Did you sue? Seems fair after the family tried to do you dirty


No because, im on an APRC, and athough they couldn’t kick me out the country , the immigration could deny me rentry. The family apologised under statement in the police station. And I was worried a citizens arrest might of been stretching it considering his injuries. I think that may not have been consudered reasonable force for a citizens arrest, but I was worried if he got up he may pick up an object in the Family Mart. And honestly I was also pissed at getting kicked in my spine so maybe went a bit further than what I was allowed by law. I didn’t want that in the Taiwanese media too, I’m sure id have nationalits trying to get me kicked out…
The police asked me after the video “Do you have fight training”? “Do you often fight”? Finally they asked do you need the hospital, I said yes because his kick in my back caused pain around my kidney area. Anyway I was ok apart from a slightly damaged hand from my punch.


Sorry to hear this. I lived in pingtung for many years and am quite familiar with the issues there. Not to sound cynical, but you are probably pretty fucked…

in my honest opinion you absolutely NEED*

A good lawyer, not free, from a far away area. Not Pingtung, Kaohsiung etc.

Writeen and signed doctors records of the injuries

Photographic evidence of everything and anything

a place to stay away from there

some cash to more lawyer fees

Its common, even for crimes involving deaths, to be discarded based on personal agreements. ie the police nearly always want the people to negotiate amongst themselves, many stations have a room for said purpose. you can settle behind closed doors, they pay you and it goes away. it will go away either way, even if justice does happen, they probably wont see much more than a year or 2 in jail. Worst case they are not stable, seemingly already proving that, and they may want to take it into their own hands. this is unfortunately common in the south, albeit less so towards white foreigners.

Lawyer up though, everything is stacked against you here. hoping on the moral integrity of law related anything in Pingtung is a bet you are going to lose.

I would suggest strongly pushing it hard and going public. the courts cannot avoid it if its totally public and they will do a knee jerk face saving prosecution in an attempt to make a compromise between you two. Have a mailing address and live somewhere else.

Good luck :slight_smile:

edit to add. if you go the media route, do it before the court makes final decisions. if you wait til after judgment is handed down you are only going to piss off everyone involved and it will be too late to help your case, so bad all around. Also do it with a Taiwanese person that can speak English so you get your point across and their point gets across to you. non-close friends will tend to try and make everything simmer down, which is nice, but they wont have your interest as a priority so much as them not going to jail and you not getting another beating.




The police does not work well in Kaohsiung and in that little town (Heng Chun township) where the coward attack happened, the police is corrupted to the core as the day when I was talked into make an agreement, tried to be convinced about the part of the weapon used on my chest, etc… I was not dealing with one cop, but with about 10.
However, if a judge or the judicial system is also corrupted then Taiwan is nothing more than an imaginary banana republic. I hope for the sake of the taiwanese people, in where there are a lot of good people, that this is not true.