Spanish Vlogger explains why Foreigners like ugly Taiwanese girls

Is this our @mad_masala ??? :flushed:

Jeezy, I’ll have you know my bird is top-shelf, m8!!

56,000 views so far is respectable.

How many blog posts about Catalonia has he written?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say 8.

No, this isn’t our @mad_masala. This guy has been doing videos in Taiwan for a while now. A coworker showed him to me several years ago. It was his video on Taiwan pet phrases. Pretty funny.

Didn’t he just say he’s Taiwanese? What a lying bitch.



I just talked to a Taiwanese girl and I liked what she had to say.

We should be happy for our less-attractive sisters are able to find love. Not only love, but the love of a tall, exotic man from across the sea. We should be applauding this, rather than shaming Taiwanese women or accusing foreign men of bad taste. Sour grapes.

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And yet by describing them as “less attractive” off the bat, she is just as guilty in making sweeping judgements and generalizations. She is also quite patronizing, as if those that end up with foreigners are to be pitied. Frankly, I find that “less attractive” theory to be crap. Some foreigners have very attractive wives and girlfriends. And perhaps some don’t. But, people are not monolithic. People have different types and preferences. Most of the Asian women I know who are dating Western men aren’t doing so as a last resort because they’re ugly, they’re doing it because they prefer foreign men over local Taiwanese. Their reasons may differ, but I’m sure being “less attractive” is very low on the list.


Nice mansplanation… #triggered


What we really need to know here is…was she hot?

Please cow, behave yourself. The Men’s forum is the place for hot women, not here.

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What really has me baffled is… over the years I have seen some really decent looking Taiwanese women with some “really butt ugly” western guys. What’s up with that???

why not?

Have you ever seen a hot woman with an ugly man in the West? What do you think the reason might possibly be? It’s either a matter shekels or package size. And by “package” I mean the schlong.



It is not the size of the ship nor the motion of the ocean. It is whether the captain can stay in port long enough for all passengers to get off.

Or true love, yeah.


Yeah, I guess size didn’t work out too well for the Titanic. Wait…what were we talking about?

I think I see more of that than ugly Taiwanese girls with “handsome” western men! As they say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


It worked against it because of overconfidence on size, not real skill.

See? Metaphors work.

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