On one of Dennis’ pictures, I saw sparklers (“Wunderkerzen” in German). I wasn’t aware that you can get them here. They are sort of essential for me to get through New Year’s Eve. Does anybody know where I can find them?


Pop down the Di Hua Street around Lunar New Years.
I bought masses of all kinds of fireworks there last year
Also, sometimes the Jienguo b[/b] Flower mkt has folks selling fireworks and sparklers. I’ve seen the small sparklers for sale at those $10NT shops all over town.

Thanks Alien

I checked the flower market yesterday but it’s probably too early. I guess I never noticed any fireworks shops here because I hate fireworks (and somehow always thought sparklers were typical German :? ). Well, two more days for looking for the sparklers.


I also love sparklers, but never went looking for them here. Last year when I wandered through CKS Memorial there were people walking around selling them, so I grabbed some.
Hope you’re successful in your quest, and please let me know if you find any before Tuesday.

I was at Warner Village on Friday night and there was a stand outside NEw York New York selling sparklers and small fireworks, perhaps you could check there, at the side with McDonalds.

My girls suddenly had sparklers in their hands last new years eve. I though my wife bot them at the traditional market in Yangmei.


I remember buying tonnes of sparklers and fireworks from a toy store in JingMei, located along a lane just off BeiShin b[/b] Rd (near the movie theatre on BeiShin b[/b] Road).

Basically I think such things are actually quite readily available if you just ask. I know it sounds simple, but perhaps for more than a year I wandered into such places, but, thinking they didn’t sell fireworks, never asked. And then came the day that I asked, which was also when the laoban escorted me to his “fireworks” display, after which I walked out smiling with bags of (illegal) ammunitions!

Good luck,

The Big Babou :wink:

Thanks for all the help, I haven’t found any yet. I’ve kept my eyes open wandering around Shida, Kuting b[/b], Kungkuan and the Main Station. I’ll try New York, New York tonight after work or will possibly go to Chingmei b[/b] and try the Big Babou’s place. I just want sparklers, nothing else, I hate loud fireworks.

Thanks so much

I finally found them! It’s easier now, with CNY coming closer, I guess.

I found them on the market in Chingmei, in the lane just opposite of the MRT exit, around the corner from Geant. I only checked one stall but I figure there are several stalls selling them.

I tried one out to show it to my fascinated cat (she loved it). They are great :wink:

Thanks for the help