Spas and cold pools

A couple of questions.

  1. Are there any spas with hot tuns, saunas, etc., that men can use in Danshui? (Even attached to a gym)?

  2. What spas/gyms in Taipei and New Taipei have cold pools? I have only been to the spa in the building beside Ikea in Taipei, and I know it has a cold pool. Anywhere else?

There are many Spas in Taipei. But most of them are also brothels with special massages. I’ve gone to them a few times (not for the special massages) but for the cold tub after rough workouts. And they usually have food you can order that are decent inside. They usually also have regular foot massages and regular massages if you want.

+886 2 2408 0168

This place has a cold pool, a medium temp pool, and a hot pool in the mixed gender outdoor area (wear a bathing suit). Indoor gender segregated pools were only hot and hot with Chinese medicinal herbs added. 200NTD for access, stay as long as you want.

Where are these magical places where you can have food inside the cold tub?

Do they add ice?

The ones I have seen have some sort of refrigeration unit processing the water, and it stays at a pretty low temp (which is often shown on a digital thermometer), maybe 10C or so.