SPCA Halloween Adoptions Carnival!

TSPCA is hosting an [list=]Halloween[/list]Adoptions Carnival at the Gong Guan National Vet & Polo Pet Club plaza this Sunday, October 31st from 12pm-6pm. Many of our adoptable pets will be there to meet and greet possible forever families. Face-painting, candy (for humans) and treats (for dogs), cool merchandise, flea market, and games await! Come one, come all; join the Halloween festivities… and don’t forget your costume! Address: Taipei City, Roosevelt Road Section 3, Lane 316, #9, 1F


This was posted on October 28 for an event on October 31.
Not much notice at all. I think forumosans are great at supporting worthwhile events, but most need enough time to plan.
Try posting a couple weeks in advance and then giving it a bump a a week and then a few days before the event. Get more people out.
I would have probably gone if I had seen it. Not everyone checks online events every day. As well, most of us have schedules that need to be planned around. More notice means more likely people can schedule it in.