SPD wedges

Did anyone ever find them for sale in TW? Shop or internet?
I might use the wrong Chinese name, but I failed so far.



我發現超棒的東西『【Mr.Rider】Shimano SPD-SL SM-SH10/0度扣片/原廠正貨/現貨非預購/鞋底板/卡鞋/卡踏』,售價$345!分享給你 https://shopee.tw/product/3538610/2817616120?smtt=0.0.9

Thanks for the reply, but neh, those are all over the place.

I am looking for the wedges which can be put between the cleat and the shoe, to compensate for an angled foot / prevent pain.

2 years ago, I followed Marasan’s (?) advice to cut up some plastic milk can, and made them myself.
That worked surprisingly well, so decided to buy some real ones as they are easier to position.

Getting over 55 yrs of age really sucks …


I found online sources. Not in TW though.
Maybe try contacting this shop in Taichung;


Yeah, as you found out, they are on eBay in all colors and angles.
Just wanted to prevent a purchase in the UK, only to find the “made in Taiwan” sticker upon arrival.
Thanks for the help though, off to eBay.

I suppose that there are many products made in TW that aren’t sold there. If you found the manufacturer or a relevant trading company, you would probably need a small army’s worth of feet to meet the MOQ.

Seems that some 80% of ppl have feet which are not straight, so I guess that also count for Taiwanese …
Obvious a product which did not make it into the consumer market here.