Speaker system

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good semi-professional speaker system? The space is around 30 ping / 1000 sqft.

Recently the obasangs in my building have started to blast a selection of classic/ancient Taiwanese songs and it’s starting to affect the vibe in my bar/pool room. I mean, how can you enjoy a nice Rusty Nail or two when you constantly hear the lyrics of My darling went to serve in Kinmen, Kaoliang sonata or Under the shady binglang tree (wa ga li gong edit)?

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I’d get a 5.2 AV receiver, 4x floorstanding speakers, 2x subwoofer and establish audio dominance to the point that no neighbor would ever dare to play music in their normie-tier audio systems.

As for specific models, it all depends on budget.

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Excellent. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

I run Yamaha AMP and Wharfdale surround. Not only does it make the floor vibrate, it also has room features, so i can connect multiple rooms to the AMP and simply change which area I want sound in.
The Wharfdale floor speakers are monsters, tweeter + mid + woofer x2, surround speakers are bidirectional, so there it points in an L shape, sub is floor firing open air, just to piss off the guys below us cause dont like them, and centre is tweeter + midx2.
Connect it to your internet via ethernet cable and they also get world radio channels, I constantly have KISS or NOVA from Aus playing int he background unless im casting youtube to the AMP+projector.

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