Speaking of taiwanese movies

anyone seen the new elva video? the one that’s off some movie’s soundtrack. well, after a bit of websurfing, i found that it’s from some upcoming film called “wan3 jiu3 chao2 wu3” or “Twenty Something”. my chinese is still pretty bad so i couldn’t read any of the websites and i didn’t find anything describing the film in english. from the looks of it, it’s some hip movie about beautiful young 20-somethings in taipei who club a lot. bunch of romantic complications and a couple of gratuitous hot bisexual/lesbian girls. while it has the potential to be a stupid movie, it could also be fun. maybe i want to see it because i’m 20-something and i still hit the clubs quite a bit. :slight_smile: anyway, here’s the official website for it:


i can’t even figure out when it’s coming out or where it’ll be playing. there’s also a movie trailer and like a 20 minute preview of the film with cast interviews.

edit: why can’t i input chinese characters in here anymore? i remember i used to be able to. but now they all just come up as code. weird.

Waa-ooh! This means we can go to Warner Village and learn more about the kind of hip, trendy, suave types seen sauntering about there, but this time, they’re on the Big Screen! It’s like a double feature! And you can hardly tell they’re Taiwanese at all (except for that one with the Chinese name, how quirky is that?).

The preview should use the voice of that guy who does all of the Hollywood films: “In a world…that is exactly like the one outside the theater door…like downstairs in all those trendy clubs and shops…hip young model types…do, like, stuff.”