Special entry permit for covid19 extension possible?

I’m in a bit of a pickle here and would really appreciate some advice from yall

What happened was I entered Taiwan in July on a
90 day visitor visa special entry permit issued by TECO in my native country looking to work in Taipei
I spent 14 days +1 in quarantine and all was dandy
The employer who seemed like a nice guy on the phone turned out to be addicted to coke and has a habit of not paying salaries and sexually abusing his workers (I swear I’m not making this up)
As I realized that and confirmed it to be true I resigned on the spot.
And now my visa is about to expire in less than 3 weeks.

Can that visa be extended even though I’m not employed at said company?
Is it possible to apply for a student visa at a mandarin school without leaving the country now in the middle of the semester?

tl;dr is it possible to extend visitor visa issued after July 2020?
Thanks in advance🙏

If it’s a legit Special Entry Visa, then yeah it should be extendible by an additional 60 days twice, totaling 120 days, making it a 180 day or six month visa. Just visit your local immigration office, along with the Taiwanese citizen who sponsored your visa (you’ll need his/her signature and copies of her/his Taiwan ID), to have a new, 60day stamp added to your passport.

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Is it specifically required for the sponsor to come personally to the immigration office?

For me, yes. The sponsor is my wife, and her signature was required.

in your case, I don’t think so. Your sponsor was the company you decided you wouldn’t work for, right?

When you resigned, did you get any agreement letter from them? If so, with the paper, if not, without the paper, you could visit NIA to consult. I guess you can extend your visa.


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