Special leave for parents due to school term change

Due to the school term changing the company I work for has collected how many children we have and their ages.

I was told by another staff member that it is because of a special leave that we might be able to take.

Does anyone know the specifics? I have not seen any news regarding special leave or anything?

This one.


Thank you for that, @tando!
Do you have the government’s announcement in Chinese?
My company didn’t say anything and I want to show it to them.

Here it is.



Thanks again!
I appreciate it! :bowing:

What’s the point of taking ‘disease prevention childcare’ leave vs unpaid? Doesn’t matter what the leave is called, companies are not compelled by law to pay employees in this situation.

The point, I believe, would be that the days off aren’t counted against sick days, or taken from vacation days.

I think that could be counted, though, it should not be included when they evaluate your performance.

I ended up to get a permission to work from home, instead of using my leave.