Special permits for setting up a School?

Hello Dear Forumosans,
We are about to set up a business here in Taiwan with a friend. Setting up a company is quite clear (minimum requirements, obtaining ARC`s and work permits, etc…) but since the business is also going to perform some teaching activities (Sports and some classroom work) I am not so sure what are the requirements in such case. Do we need to apply for certifications/permits from Ministry of Education or any other organisation?

I was wondering if anyone who had set up a school here in Taiwan could help me out where to start that part.

Where are you? In most places I believe you would need to apply for permits from the Department of Education of the local government where you’re located. There may be associated building and fire department requirements that should be considered before renting a location, ideally.

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In Kaohsiung. Yeah, fire thing is on the list as we are planning to re-build a classic factory building (the one with a high ceiling and huge gate) in the city centre. Thank you very much for the tip!
Wondering what the requirements are? Non of the investors are having school teaching certifications. We are engineers and coaches but we do plan to employ actual teachers of course.

I’d try contacting the city government to find out. Or, these people could probably provide consulting services



okay, seems like a good place to start with! Thank you
I just hope it wont be a complete nightmare :smiley:

Kaohsiung’s regulation for Buxiban management is here.




If I had to guess I would imagine that there is no way you could get a license to teach anyone in an old factory.