Specially aggressive cold?


Two weeks ago I caught this cold that started like if it were just allergy and developed as a normal cold/flu, except for that the usual irritation in the nose was not as usual, but much worse. Some wounds near the orifice, in what I believe is called septum, but really painful and something growing over it later on, that thing that you don’t know if it’s just mocus or perhaps new skin or scab or what… but more than usual.

My coughing persists, along with something that I would describe as a feeling of “heaviness” in my respiratory system. Months ago I went to the doctor and tried to describe these symptoms for I had a similar episode of coughing and “heaviness”, and the family doctor treated me as if I were hyponconcriac and had anxiety (which I know what it is first hand, and I didn’t have it at all).

Dunno if I’m too exposed to the Fucking Aircon From Hell at the office (a fatty coworker who wont stop eating crap food the whole day for some reason feels hot all the time! and the AC points towards me, not to her, so I have to freeze when she sets the fucking thing to 22º (and I have seen it lower), and the thing’s fan spins full throttle). I don’t know if it’s that my health is weak (well, this year has been a bad year in terms of health).

Fuck it!

I started this with the intention of asking about the wounds in my nose, to know if somebody else has had a similar experience this year, but I’ve ended up ranting :smiley:

So tired of this cold and the stupid AC at the office… :frowning:


My inner English teacher wants to congratulate you on using that word, and also to suggest that in future you just call it a nose. :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, I see what you mean. Usually they’re just called nostrils.


A quick straw poll has determined that most guys prefer “orifice.”:grin:



Yeah, nostri-something came to my mind… but I thought that was only for snakes.


I caught this round of the flu as well… and despite going to the most attentive doctor I know in Hsinchu, I still have the cough 4 doctor visits later…

The number of pills I have to take have increases from just 2 per meal to 5 plus 10 mg of cough syrup.

I need to get this cough in control before my Mayday concert…


My kiddo is very allergic with asthma and just yesterday went to doctor for checkup
yes it was stuffy nose, sneezing and his doc say because Tuesday weather was polluted.


Back in Taiwan… and the coughing is back too.


The flu in Taiwan is 100 times worse than back in the west. Selfish people coughing openly on buses / trains does not help. Really have to be careful in Taiwan with health.

Also the poor air quality / scooters make it worse.


That’s why I always wear a mask on public transportation, even when I’m not sick.


Dunno if this is a cold or something else. Lungs feel tired and chest sometimes is like burning a bit. Hard to describe. I have noticed that the aircon and to talk “too much” has a very negative impact on my coughing. I think that cold and humid air does too. The funny thing is that months ago, when I was recovering from one of these strange cold/coughing episodes, I went to the doctor to explain it and the experience was very frustrating. OTOH, I had the throat totally fucked up for two or three days during Christmas and went to hospital in my country. Even if there was no time for a proper treatment and follow up, man… what a different way of treating the patient!!! nothing to do with the docs I’ve seen here. I don’t know if it’s a language barrier thing, or if to deal with foreigners is a big annoyance or what, but here it’s all pills and nonsense. In my country, they ask you many questions and check you here and there to determine the nature of the problem. Perhaps it’s something to do with the copayment system… they are there just for the cash…