Specialty tobacco store kaosiung dipping tobacco

Greetings! Im currently residing in kaosiung and in search of some dipping tobacco preferably American as i am feeling a little homesick. Any leads would be appreciated! Please keep any preachy comments to yourself.

This stuff?


EDIT: My bad. They are different.

There’s a thread about it here. Not sure if the answer is in there, didn’t read the thread.

I read this thread as wanting “dripping Tabasco”.

I wanna go home.

Someone online suggests the Jue-Jiang Traditional Market is a good place to look for more exotic imported items. Lots of small stalls, that kind of thing.

May I recommend 玉山行 Yùshān xíng(shop name), 名記 Míng jì All in 鹽埕區 Yán chéng qū, Kaosiung. They are near the subway.