Specific Visa advice requested please

Hi everyone

I’ve read many threads and understand the basics of how visas work. If I have missed a similar thread, I apologise and please post a link :slight_smile: Otherwise I would greatly appreciate some advice on this decision.

I arrived in Taiwan one month ago with a 2 month visitors visa, and have familiarised myself with the place more. I have decided to try to find work here. As a high school teacher (in New Zealand) I have decided to try to find work in a school teaching English, or Physics at an international school. I have sent for my graduation certificates (degree and teaching diploma) to be sent over, which will take about two weeks, as I only have copies of my degree.

After Chinese New Year I have one month to find work, and about two weeks after my documents arrive to obtain an ARC, or do a visa run. To make things easier, I am considering doing a visa run (probably to BKK sounds best from these forums, but HK would be cheaper) to get a new 2 month visa to make settling down easier, immediately after Chinese New Year, so that it doesn’t interfere with a new job.

Is it possible to obtain a new visa with one month left already? Can anyone advise me on the best thing to do? In particular, how much chance do I have of finding a job at a secondary school, and getting an ARC in one month??? Shall I try my ouck, or get a new visa now, or book a trip for a visa run just before my old one expires, which might interfere with a new job?

Would appreciate any help.


Do you have a 60 day visa in your passport or merely a stamp? If it’s an actual visa, how many entries does it have?

It’s not likely but possible that you’ll not only find a job but have the work permit ready before your visa expires. That being said, you could most certainly at least locate a job in that month and, having the paper work for a work permit application in process from that school, get a lot fewer hassles when applying for a new visa. No use in flying out before your visa is just about to expire. Just about any school would let you make a quick visa run if it were necessary.

Thanks Arion and Alidarbac.

I have a 60 day visitors visa which is not extendable (whole page in the passport, had to show bank statement etc in New Zealand to get it).

I will get the paperwork (degree certificate and “non-criminal record”) sorted now so that I can apply for jobs straight after New Years, and make the visa run just before my visa expires if I need to.

Thanks again for the advice. As a newbie to all these visa games I find it all a little confusing :slight_smile: