Spectator to genocide

Here is a good look at what has been happening in the Sudan. Moslems from the north doing genocide on the Christian and Animists in the south.
One man is trying to bring more attention to this terrible trajedy which continues to this day.

[quote] SUDAN: U.S. Marine captain starts out with African monitoring force in Darfur, and ends up mapping crimes in progress by Priya Abraham

Brian Steidle’s only weapons against mass killing were his pen, paper, and camera. The former Marine captain catalogs what they caught in Darfur, Sudan, with quick-fire urgency: toddlers with their faces smashed in, men castrated and left to bleed to death, charred bodies of villagers locked in huts later burned down. Charged only with monitoring ceasefire violations in the war-wracked region, he soon grew weary of playing spectator to genocide.

So after six months, the 28-year-old Mr. Steidle returned to the United States a month ago and launched his own offensive to stop the killing. In mid-March he criss-crossed Washington, meeting with lawmakers and Bush administration officials and sandwiching media appearances in between. His eyewitness accounts

Just one more time. There are two conflicts in Sudan. The Muslim vs Christian/Animist is the North/South civil war that has been going on for over 20 years - and a peace deal is finally being pushed into place after some 2 million lives have been lost. The article you post refers to the Conflict in Darfur which is in western Sudan. This is a ‘conflict’ (genocide is probably more accurate unless you have oil contracts with the Sudanese government - Russia and PRC) is between arab muslims and black african muslims.

Absolutely. Before posting one should get a map out.


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Oh quit being so educated. Can’t you see this thread is just a continuation of the “Muslims suck; Christians are being persecuted” train of thought that a few members of our board decided to embark on last week. Details don’t matter. It’s the sentiment that’s important. Nice slam, TC, regardless of the facts. :bravo:

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