Speed Dating Saturday 19 Aug


In case anyone is interested.



What’s the usual demographic of these things? Mostly guys? Old? Taiwanese or a good mix?


No idea. I seen some that usually mostly male and female locals and also some foreigners in the mix. This one might be different though because it’s at the Shangri-La Hotel and Entry fee is around NT$1,400.

It’s kind of strange because there’s no specified demographic like ages or anything. The only demographic specified is VIP and some type of sponsorship from Tesla cars.


You know, just putting it out there. You could just browse who clicked going and is interested in the event and look who you find attractive and just message them chatting them up and ask for a date seeing they seem like they’re looking for one already and save the time and money. Just saying.

Also shangri la has the worst security ever. I’ve been invited to multiple events where I just walked right in. Most recently the event hosted by the Italian embassy here for their republic day. I jut walked right into the banquet and ate all the food and wine chilling right next to the ambassador and not once did I show any identification or invitation. It’s happened multiple events there for different things.


How do they look?


How’s he supposed to know what you like? Here, I did the initial leg work for you.



Why would any guy go to events like this?
Most females attending are hired actresses, like the ones in nightclubs, who are there to attract naive single nerds’ attention.


Is that what you tell yourself when you get rejected, they’re hired actresses?


I know girls that go to these for the very real purpose to find a partner.

I even had an ex-girlfriend that wanted me to go with her just because she didn’t want to walk in alone.