Speed Demon

I’ve got a two and a half year old son who is a total gearhead. Does anyone have any good ideas for motorsports to see and/or do in northern Taiwan? We run Rc cars a lot on weekends but what other ideas do you have? I don’t suppose there’s a dragstrip, eh? I’d love to watch drifting with him or maybe two seat karts. What do you know of?

There are two tracks basically down the street from one another in Longtan, just a little ways outside Taoyuan/Chongli. One track is really tiny which is a co-cart track, but loads of race scooters are out there, the other one is actually the biggest track in Taiwan and is capable of holding car races. IMO the track is way too small for cars, and even “big bike,” but that doesn’t stop them from racing. Here check out 16 pages of info on the track.

There are 3-4 of us fellow Formosans including myself that are out there on a regular basis and race once every 2 months. They hold scooter, motorcycle, and car races every 2 months. Races are always on Sundays, but Saturdays can be filled with people practicing. If there isn’t a race going on, then people go out there to practice usually on Weekends. Usually you have to pay 100nt to watch on the weekends. Tpesean is a member on here and he has a son as well. His son seems to have a blast out there.

That sounds groovy. Bit of a drive though, we live in Taipei. I’ll check into it.

It’s really not that bad, 80% of the riders that race there live in Taipei (40-50 min on a scooter if you know how to get there.) My next race is Sunday July 4th. Come and check it out! You will love it!

Yeah, my boy enjoys watching the races. Big fan of Temple, Robbie and Kyle.He never wants to video or take pictures for me when I am racing, he just wants to watch the races.

I ride down to the LongTan track from HsinChuang. I go the back way through TuChen and over the mountain then past Hsimen Resevior. Temple showed me that way, much better than going through TaoYuan and Bade Rd.

I usually stop off on the way home at Daxi in TaoYuan County as they have a small go-kart track. My boy loves driving go-karts. They have two-seater go-karts which have two steering wheels and they both actually work, so if you have a young kid, you can use the accelerator and brake and they can steer. They also have single seaters, 160cc and 270cc karts. I started my boy in the two seaters, but now he is into the 270cc karts. It is kind of a small track, but I think it is pretty reasonable. Actually it is better than the kart track I took my boy to when we were back in Australia last February.

Here is a video of my boy out at Daxi.

Also recently got a flyer for an indoor kart track in WuGu, so been meaning to go check that place out…

How old is the young bloke? He can barely see over the steering wheel, awesome!

There are tons of kart tracks all over Taiwan, it’s easy to find one. Also, there’s a municipal motocross track between Hsinchu and Jhubei literally under Expressway 68 (I think) where it crosses the number 1 road.