"Speed week" on Discovery channel

It’s “speed week” on the Discovery cable TV channel. On Monday there was a program about illegal street racers around the world. Last night there was a programme about car tuners and drag strips. Tonight at 10 it’s “The science of speed”. It might be the same program that Mordeth linked to before, which was a bit short on detail but fun nevertheless.

I’m hoping that tomorrow the program will be “End to end ‘pilot view’ scenes from rally cars and various motorbikes”. Probably won’t be but I can hope.

Today’s program was very interesting and not at all what I expected. It focused on brain research and mental training of race drivers. I’m sure it will be repeated at some point – programs on Discovery usually are!

is it 10pm every weeknight… or…?? cos i didn’t see this post till 11:30 ~_~

[quote=“x08”]is it 10pm every weeknight…[/quote]Yes. Well, they call it a “speed week”, but I guess it might just be 4 days due to different programming on Fridays. Anyway, at least one program left.