Spell Check

My mom and others have told me my spelling would get worse or that I’d become sloppier with typing because of this feature. I’ve recently noticed that’ it’s had a completely opposite effect.

Ever since I’ve started writing and spell checking something everyday, my ability to spell has skyrocketed. I run a spell check on every post and it usually only stops on people’s username (no mistakes). When I do have a mistake, it’s usually with a word that I rarely or have never typed before (I then make note of it and try to memorize the correct spelling).

Anyhoo, has/did anyone notice this trend anytime after being to use spell check, or did spelling accuracy actually decrease?

I’ve been using spell check a long time and in the past it did keep me a sloppy speller and typer, but know that I write so much (postting, chatting and whatnot) I’m much more aware of proper spelling.

Jest kerioUS

How do you do a spell checks on this forums? :astonished: I is needs it very.

btw. I agree. I’ve learned much reading and posting here but not with the spell check. :blush:

I use Firefox::

with this extension:

Works beautifully. I think it’s because of this extension that my spelling has gotten so much better. I wrote a bunch of stuff by hand this morning (freakin’ communication books :raspberry:) and noticed that I wasn’t getting tripped up on a bunch of words like I did in the past.

Oh yeah, reading and posting here has upped my level of writing (at least I think it did). Realizing that I’m writing on a public forum that’s accessed from people all over the world, many who didn’t have English as their first language, has also transformed the way I write. I don’t do some many gonnas, wannas, fints tos and other such vocabularies that would be hard for some to understand.

Which extension should I download? Many choices.

Edit:Nevermind. Sorry, got it. It’s the first one at the top once you choose which version of firefox you’ve installed.
Edit 2: Quick reply. Thanks. I was typing at the same time. I’ll keep you posted…

Just follow the instructions on the installation page.

There are three extensions that need to be installed. Just do them in order and restart (close and open) Firefox.

Thank you kindly miltownkid. Lately my posts are typos free and it does help me on spelling some words too. The software doesn’t do squat for grammar mistakes like microsoft word does. Is there any extension to incorporate a grammar check? :blush:

Unfortunately Microsoft’s grammar checker is retarded.

Agreed but for a frenchie like me, it’s better than nothing. :smiley:

That’s debatable.

Surely, that’s a compliment. :slight_smile:

Or just bring back the spellcheck that was once on this site. I think it was spellcow or something like that.